A Decade of Excellence: MMD Shops, Southern California’s Preferred Cannabis Dispensary

About MMD Shops

Founded in 2006, MMD Shops is a distinguished cannabis dispensary that has become a household name in Los Angeles, CA, and the entire Southern California region. With four strategically located stores, MMD Shops supplies quality cannabis product to both medicinal and recreational users.

Why MMD Shops?

Our stores are hardly just another Cannabis Dispensary Near Me. Over the years, we have diligently served our clients with top-grade products, making us a favorite among many shoppers. Whether it’s your first time visiting a cannabis dispensary or you’re a seasoned user, MMD Shops has a wide range of products to satisfy your needs.

Locations and Accessibility

At MMD Shops, we take pride in our four locations across Southern California. We ensure convenience and accessibility for all our customers, allowing you to easily find one of our locations as you search ‘Cannabis Dispensary Near Me’.

With over a decade of delivering exceptional customer service and the highest-quality products, MMD Shops continues to solidify its position as Los Angeles, CA’s favorite cannabis dispensary.